What is the difference between UX and UI?

What is the difference between UX and UI? - image

  What is the difference between UX and UI?


What is the user experience (UX)?

The user experience can be expressed simply as the design of a project, taking into account the wishes and needs of the user, or everything related to the user's behavior, attitude and feeling about the use of a particular product, system or service.


The main challenge of the user experience designer is to know the expectations of the user and find effective solutions to his problems, that is to say, know what the user wants and what he does not want.

Effects on user experience:

Many factors can affect a user experience in a system. To classify the factors affecting the user experience, it can be divided into four main categories:

Ø  System properties.

Ø  User Status.

Ø  User mode.

Ø  Previous experience.

What is the User Interface (UI)?

User interface is a set of means by which users interact with a machine, a computer program, or another complex tool (system).

It also expresses the final product displayed, which guarantees its ease of use without complication.

The computer system interface:

The computer system interface provides ways to:

ü  Inputs: Allow users to handle the system.

ü  Outputs: Allows the system to respond to user transactions.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

User experience (UX):

The user experience depends on the expectations and desires of the user to reach his goal without much effort and they can be summarized in four main points:

1: Easy access: The site must be easy to access from various modern programs.

2: Easy to use: The site must be free from all traffic difficulties at surfing the user.

3: Be effective: The user has to find answers to his questions without complications.

4: Reliable, desirable, and honest: Designing a site that fosters user confidence and Want to browse it.

User Interface (UI):

User Interface can be summarized in creating a beautiful template to display your product and services in the best image acceptable to the user.

There are many stages and processes that must be done for the success of the design of the user interface, some more important than the other depending on the quality of the site or application, and the most important of these stages are:

1: User Mentality Analysis: This is done through discussions and conversations with potential users and with the segment that is likely to use the site through the following questions:

·         What similar sites have the user used?

·         What are the things the user expects in the site to do?

·         What types of designs are the users comfortable with?

2: Site Engineering: Determines how the information will be displayed on the site through the pages.

3: Model experiment: Select potential users for the site for view the site demo form to:

ü  Collect their observations about the site.

ü  Gather their feedback on the experimental site experience.

Note: The purpose of collecting this information at this stage is to take advantage of it in the development of User Interface.

4: Interface design: This stage depends on the interface design through the information collected and the light of user feedback during the experiment

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